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Gun Insulation

FRP COATING ON PSW / IT GUN paramount-enterprises-gun-insulation

FRP is a composition made from fiberglass reinforcement in a plastic matrix. A construction analogy would be the steel reinforcing bars in a concrete matrix for highways.

These matrixes have a wide variety of physical strength. We have developed this matrix for our PSW and IT guns looking exact requirement of guns.

Following are physical properties for coating on PSW / IT guns.  

  •  FRP 4 mm coating has very adequate compressive strength. It last for years till you forcefully
     crush it.

  • It has lower flexural modulus:- it indicates how far a material will bend when a certain load is applied to it. Lower the modulus more flexible the material.

  • Excellent tensile strength.

  • High surface hardness gives resistance to abrasion and denting.

  • Withstands high compressive force to last for years, High impact strength

Gun Insulation Features-

  • The insulation eliminates lost weld current due to shorting (Which causes intermittent cold welds).

  • The coating absorbs heat and protects the gun from oxidation and corrosion.

  • Protects the arm from dents from nearby fixtures.

  • Preserves the new appearance of the gun arms.

  • Eliminates maintenance and downtime replacing less durable insulation.


‘Sup’ Structural Material Insulation Kit For Gun Arms,holders

paramount-enterprises-sub-kit-insulation ‘SUP’ Special kit Structural Material is packed (rolls) dry in a sealed foil envelope and is a flexible fiberglass knit fabric strip that has been saturated with a curable black urethane resin syrup that starts to cure when water is added. Once wet, the fiber strip becomes tacky and sticks to itself, so it wraps easily around almost any shape or size. ‘SUP’ Structural Material is resistant to moisture, fungus, acid, alkali, ozone, sunlight, gasoline and high temperatures. It combines long life and very little maintenance manufactured by well know international brand & SUP Structural Material is RoHS compliant.*

SUP Structural Material is an ideal solution for sheath repairs as well as repairs to lead auxiliaries since it creates an air-tight, permanent bond when combined with Scotch® Vinyl Mastic VM Tape and ‘SUP’ Scotchrap. All Weather Corrosion Protection Vinyl Tape 50. The tacky fiberglass reinforced material adheres both to itself and to polyethylene or lead. Since ‘SUP’ Structural Material does not require a flame, electricity, or chemicals this is an ideal product to use in most hazardous environments, including manholes and vaults. There are no costly tools, mechanical ties, rails, or clips required, resulting in low cost of ownership.

‘Sup’ Insulation Kit Features Benefits -

  • No tools or power source needed.

  • ‘SUP’ Structural Material can be used in SPOT WELDING GUN ARMS, HOLDER, SHANKS insulation to prevent fouling with components , aerial, buried, and manhole applications can be used for sheath. repair or to strengthen existing old cables or splices.

  • ‘SUP’ is resistant to moisture, fungus, acid, alkali, ozone, sunlight, gasoline and high temperatures.