5 Features Of Bluetooth Speaker Which You Should Know

bluetooth speaker

The Bluetooth speakers are getting popular day by day. With the immense usefulness, it has become easier to find and get the best one that suits our needs. But if you are willing to get the best Bluetooth speaker for your outdoor partying, then you are at the right place. Having the Bluetooth speaker accompanying you at the parties is the best thing you can do to enjoy the parties. There are immeasurable benefits of using Bluetooth speakers while you are enjoying the day with your friends and family members.

If you are the one willing to get the best Bluetooth outdoor speaker for the money you spend, then you should check out the features first Without checking the features, it’d be a bad decision to get the best Bluetooth outdoor speaker. In this post, we are going to share the detailed information on the Best Features of a Bluetooth Outdoor speaker. Before proceeding to purchase a Bluetooth outdoor speaker, you should check out these features and then make sure to take the informed decisions.

bluetooth speaker

Features of a Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers have a lot of features. But we will be focusing only on the core features. Here are a few core benefits or the features that you get access to after buying the Bluetooth Speakers.

#1 – Wireless Connectivity

The traditional wired speakers require the wires and cables to get input and power. But the Bluetooth speakers are truly wireless. With the true wireless connectivity, you can easily connect the speaker with your laptop or smartphone with the Bluetooth. You don’t even have to connect the cables for the power supply, as it comes with the internal battery which provides the power to the same. So, they are best if you are looking to use them outdoors and not indoors.

#2 – Inbuilt Battery

The inbuilt power source, a.k.a., the battery is one of the most important parts that powers the entire Bluetooth speaker. With the internal battery, you’ll be able to carry it around and use whenever you want. Most of the times, the battery backup will be sufficient to power up the speaker for more than a few hours. As it has the battery, it won’t require any kind of continuous power supply, except at the times of charging the device. In short, it’s pretty convenient to carry the speakers outdoors and start listening to the music with ease.

#3 – Compact Form Factor

The compact form factor is the best thing about the Bluetooth speakers. It’s the time to ditch those big speakers lying in your house, and get the small Bluetooth speakers, that you can carry in your backpack with ease. The small form factor makes it easier to carry and use for the outdoor parties. Be it your camping spot, farmhouse or any remote place, charge your Bluetooth speakers and carry them with ease. You don’t have to rely on the trash smartphone speakers for catering your musical needs.

#4 – Sound Quality

The sound quality is one of the biggest factors that makes it one of the best choices. Most of the branded Bluetooth outdoor speakers are equipped with powerful speaker drivers, which work very well to provide the super high sound quality. You won’t be disappointed to listen to the songs that have treble and bass. Also, the sound volume is very high in the Bluetooth speakers. Comparing the size and the volume, it’s a bit on the higher side. So, having Bluetooth speakers for outdoor parties will be a great experience for you.

#5 – Pricing

You might think that Bluetooth outdoor speakers are pretty expensive. But that’s not the case, as the Bluetooth speakers are pretty inexpensive compare to the regular speaker units. The regular speakers are powerful but require a lot of wired setups, which annoys everyone. Comparing the same with the Bluetooth speakers, which are wireless, and powerful, the pricing is always justified. You won’t feel like spending money and not getting any worth. Most of the Bluetooth speakers available in the market are pretty well priced, so it won’t be a burden on your pocket.

Final Words

Bluetooth outdoor speakers are pretty popular in this generation. With the Bluetooth speakers, we can easily listen to music in the outdoors and don’t have to depend on the tedious setup of the wired home theatre system. Well, everything has it’s downsides, but the Bluetooth speakers provide more upsides than the downsides. If you are the one willing to get the Bluetooth speaker, then these features will compel you to get one. In this post, we tried our best to share all the features of the Bluetooth outdoor speakers.…

Best Spy Cameras which connects to your phone

You know for a fact that your babysitter is not someone you can put your trust in. When you have left your baby around with that sitter, then there are a lot of questions which can pop inside your mind like whether your babysitter is doing a good job or not and whether they have good intent with your home or not.

So there are different spy camera that connects to phone which you can use right now to make sure that you put your surveillance on them. These are needed for you to put the right management to whatever cool thing is going on. If you do not need spy camera, have a look at best digital camera under 10000.

What are the advantages of these spy cams?

Here are some of the best advantages of these spy camera that connects to phone.

1. When you need some camera for your investigation purpose, then they can be used around here. In the world of scams and which comes with corruption, these cameras can come up with a lot of usages. If you want to enfold a case for the first time, then you can use these spy cams to do your work and in the right way.

2. If you have your children left at the hands of the babysitter, then you need to get hidden cameras right now for your home. This is because it is hard to put your trust in someone that can be stranger to you, so it is the primary reason you need to have these spy cams for your home right now.

3. To stop the burglary at your home, these are the specific cameras that you need to use. Especially if you live alone with your family, you need to have them set around your place so that it can be captured live when the action is taking place and at the person who is doing that can be captured into the Camera as well.

What is the best spy camera that connects to the phone?

Here are some of the best spy camera that connects to the phone which you can get around for your home.

1. IELEACC- Spy Camera

This wireless spy camera can be snuggled up in the smallest and the tiniest of places here. This spy camera is so amazing that you can use anytime you want, and no one will know about it. It can be supported on your Android and even your IOS Device anytime you want. This Camera can be used to record around at a 1080 HP, and there are loop recording which can happen here as well. The price of this Camera is just 68 dollars.

· This cam can work with your windows system and even with your smartphones.

· With a single mobile device connection, this can be used to manage around eight cameras at once.

· It is compatible with the Wi-Fi options as well.

2. HHMini Camera

This is the one spy cam which you can use anytime. It might look like your basic USB charger and connector, but this tiny lens can help you to figure out whatever is happening. There are a lot of hidden and spy cameras out there, but if you don’t have a good camera quality, then it can be hard for you to understand what is happening.

· It can automatically manage all the older videos.

· There is a lot of storage space for this cam.

· It works well with your Wi-Fi and 4G Settings.


3. FREDI Hidden camera

There are a lot of HD mini cameras out there, but this FREDI hidden camera is the one you need to own right now for the options of spy camera that connects to the phone. This Camera is capable of the IR night vision, and even there is the real-time recording with the use of the 140-degree capability of this cam.

· There are around 128 GB of storage used for this cam.

· You have to pay a price of around $44.

· You can adjust the time and the date stamp here for the wireless spy cam.

· There are loop recording which you can manage here as well.


4. 1080P Wireless Mini Camera with SOOSPY

This Camera has the best of lens camera and comes with added lens button here. This Camera can be used for your home security options and monitoring camera usage for your baby and even your workplace as well.

· The price of this one is around $36.

· The Camera can be mounted at your wall and within your bookshelf and even at your desk at your place. It can be used anytime and anywhere.

· You can keep an eye on the kids and even at your nanny with the use of this cam for yourself.

· The Camera can reach up to thirty-three meters when pushed up.

· There are around 128 GB of storage here.

· And this can even support the Wi-Fi storage application too.

· That can be used for your Android, your IOS, and other Windows device.


5. ELValle DIY mini Wi-Fi Camera

Want to have a good and high defined camera for your home and keep an eye on whatever is happening around? Well, this Camera serves the right for you and comes with the best looking options as well. There are so many features which can be used with the help of this cam.

· The price of this cam comes around $36.

· This is a portable Wi-Fi cam that can be connected to your phone anytime you want.

· The distance does not matter here. This means that it can be used when you are outside of your place as well.

· There is a USB interface for this cam as well. This means that you can connect it through your device with the use of your USB.

· It can record all your videos for a more extended period of time.

· It is supported by a lot of devices like the IOS and even the Android device too.

· It can hold up for the 64 GB of data for the storing activities.

6. Conbrov WF81 Mini Portable Cam with IP Security

Among all the other spy camera that connects to phone, this one can be the best for you because this cam can be used anytime. There are around Wi-Fi connection which you can choose to get around with the help of this cam.

· The price of this can be a bit on the higher side because it is around for $69.

· And then there are recording audio and even the video options for this cam which you can use as well.

· This Camera will get you for the 2.8 mm focal distance and focus matters.

· You can record for up to 32 GB of video which can be used for the micro USB Cable with the management of the ten cards.

Final verdict

These spy camera that connects to phone can be used anytime you want. When it comes to your family’s safety at stake, then you can get to buy these cams. These are the distinct ways through which you can keep an eye on the following and whatever is happening. And since these spy cams can be used anytime you want, these happen to have the perfect sync with your phone as well, and it helps you to keep a tab on things as well.


PUBG Game – Best Online Multiplayer For Mobile Users?

If you want to download the PUBG APK and play the PUBG game on your device, then this article is the best for you. In this article, you will get the downloading link of PUBG APK. Along with the downloading link, you will learn a lot more about the game. You will learn about its features, gameplay, etc. With this, if you want to win the game, then you can also read the Tips for the PUBG game, which will help you to survive for a long time in the game. And increase the chances of getting Chicken Dinner with the Tips mentioned in the article. Therefore, keep reading this article completely, it is going to help you a lot.

PUBG game

PUBG is probably the most popular online multiplayer game. It is a battle royale game where 100 players parachute on one of four different islands. In the game, players have to kill other players while making themselves inside the safe zone and protecting themselves from being killed by others. The main objective of all players in the game is to become the last surviving player of the game. They can also make a team or squad to win the game. They move and search for weapons and resources like first aid, energy drinks, armor, helmet, backpack, bandages, etc.

You can find and search for different types of weapons that will help you to kill other players to win the game. The game includes different types of weapons like Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, DMRs, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Pistols, Grenades, Bows, Melee, etc. You will have to move into a large area in the game to collect them. And then kill other players while making yourself safe from other players. You can also get different vehicles in the game. Read the next section of the article to learn about the incredible features of the PUBG game.


PUBG is the most popular online battle royale game. And it is the incredible features of the game that make it more special. So let’s have a look at the features that make the PUBG one of the best online games in the world.


The game has engaging and interactive gameplay in which 100 players fight and struggle to survive on an Island. They have to collect resources and weapons to survive while protecting themselves from other players. The main objective is to become the last surviving player and win the game.


PUBG is especially known for its Graphics. You can enjoy the gameplay with amazing HD graphics that make the gaming experience realistic and more engaging.

pubg gameplay


Along with HD graphics, PUBG offers High-Quality Audio in the game. The audio and the Sound effects sound real and this makes the gaming experience more attractive and realistic.


PUBG allows users to play with friends. Not only with your local area friends but you can make friends worldwide. You can make a team or squad of 2-4 players in the game and make your journey together to get the chicken dinner.


One of the best parts of the game is that it offers a lot of options in the game. As you can select any game mode to play in PUBG. With this, you can also select the map to play. There are four different maps that have different sizes, dynamic weather, day/night cycles, and terrain, in the game. The maps are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.


A lot of different types of cool weapons are also included in the game. You can find them and collect them from different places in the game. Keep moving and collect weapons to kill other players in the game.


There is an Anti-cheat algorithm in PUBG that ensures fair gameplay. No one can use cheats to win the game. And the best part is there is no in-app purchase included that can give advantages in the game to that particular player.


The game is available worldwide. Any player from anywhere in the world can play the game and enjoy it with different players from different places in the world.

Download PUBG APK + OBB – Techylist


PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online game where 100 players participate in a game. To play the game smoothly, there are some requirements that you have to fulfill first. Have a look at the requirements for the PUBG game.

  • To play the game, an Active Internet Connection is the most important requirement that you must have.
  • If you want to play PUBG smoothly on your mobile, then you should have a mobile with Android 4.3 or above versions.
  • To experience smooth gameplay, you must have at least 2GB RAM in your mobile device.
  • And most importantly, a gaming spirit.

Tips For the Beginners

If you are playing the PUBG game for the first time or want to get some tips to win a PUBG game match, then the tips mentioned below can help you a lot. The provided tips can increase the chances of survival in the game for a long time. Probably you can also win the game. Therefore read them and follow them and go for your battle.

  • Wisely choose the area for landing.
  • Make Loot your priority, then focus on killing others.
  • Shoot others only when you are in the range.
  • Don’t put yourself in unnecessary gunfights.
  • Also, keep your eyes on the map. Make yourself lie inside the safe zone always.
  • Try to get a vehicle for you.
  • Hide and Peek.
  • Always be in touch with your teammates. Keep communicating with them.

Final Verdict

PUBG is one of the most played online multiplayer games. It has a huge user base with millions of players around the world. You can easily find a PUBG Player around you. But just downloading the game and playing it is not enough. You should know everything about the game before playing it. It is very important to perform better in the game. And you will get the information in this article. And the tips mentioned in the article will increase the chances of your winning. So, read the article completely.

11 Solar Powered Gadgets Inventions That Will Change The World

Solar powered gadgets are the future and there are some really innovative and useful gadgets we can incorporate and use in our daily lives. Solar energy is a clean energy resource and is an abundant and inexhaustible resource and it is in our best interest that we incorporate as much of solar powered gadgets we can. Here are some of the most astonishing solar powered gadgets that you would definitely want to own.

Wireless Solar Keyboard

If your workstation is near a window, this keyboard is for you. You need not worry about constantly changing batteries on your wireless keyboard, solar power is all that you will need and it’s good for the planet, you prevent the creation of e-waste from all the dead batteries.

Color Changing Solar Power Plant Pot

Everyone loves a good multipurpose object, these are flower pots which absorb solar energy during the day and light up at night, which can illuminate pathways or your garden at night. You can even place them strategically to illuminate your entire garden.

Solar Powered Fan

With the summer’s coming and the inevitable power cuts, solar powered fans are a blessing and might as well be a household essential.

Solar Water Heater

An essential especially during the winter, you won’t need to depend on electricity or worry about big electricity bills from all the heating of water you would have to do throughout the winter months.

Solar LED Lantern

Another essential if you experience frequent power cuts. You charge these lanterns during the day and you can use it for a good amount of time at night. Unlike traditional lanterns you don’t need to pay anything more in the form of electricity bills or battery replacements to use these lanterns.

Solar Powered Laptop Backpack

It’s impossible to separate ourselves from the social media world now, or even our work life, this laptop backpack will ensure that your laptop is charged even when there’s no charging plug or electricity available.

Solar Night Lamp

Solar night lamps can be a good addition to your bedrooms and to harness solar energy during the day and use as ambient light at night. You just need to place them near a window and it will work on its own. You do not have to turn it on and off, unlike the traditional night lamps, all without any additional investment once you have bought the lamp.

Solar Powered Patio Table

Another wonderful multipurpose device for your backyard, a patio table which doubles up as a charger, you can charge your devices while having a good time in your backyard, there is no need to use long cords and you can be completely hassle free.

Solar Powered Oven

A good addition for your next camping trip or even a picnic, you can make a lot of delicious food stuff using the solar powered oven, without having to carry fuel or other materials to cook your food. Food made in solar oven would be free of smoke and a healthier option to cook food outdoors.

Solar Plug Socket

A very convenient device to carry around, a socket which will help you charge your devices just while keeping it in sunlight, its an extremely handy device for when you are traveling or just can not seem to find a socket.

Solar Powered Tent

A cool new tent which can be a fun addition for your camping trip. Its well lit and you can even charge your electronic devices. You can have the best of both worlds, enjoy your time with nature and still be connected to the outside world.…