Best Guitar Stand Reviews (Stands, Wall Mount Hangers)

Guitar stands these days have to be more than just a thing that you keep your guitars on. They must also look aesthetically appealing. You wanna walk into the room of your studio or home– where your instruments are kept– and be inspired to work on your music. There are different types of guitar stands and wall hangers that will help you achieve orderly and aesthetic placement of guitars. Let’s check out some of the best guitar stands that are available in the market.

Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand

Compact in appearance and capable of fitting in most standard size guitars and gig bags, Fender Mini acoustic guitar stand is one of the best choices for your guitar stand. It’s super portable as you can unfold it easily within seconds, and it ensures the security of your instrument as well. Whether it’s hollow body bass, solid body bass, or electrics, it can easily hold em all. It’s inexpensive, thus availing you to buy multiple stands for multiple guitars.

Hercules Stands Wallmount Guitar Hanger

It may be a little costly, but the high cost is compromised by the fact that it has maybe the most secure locking for any wall hangers out there for guitars. The great thing about this hanger is that along with the two-pronged fork, where the guitar’s headstock rests, it has two wing-like structure that opens and shuts when you take your guitar in and out. It’s aesthetically pleasing and can even accommodate guitars that have odd headstock shapes.

Ultimate Support GS-100 Guitar Stand

Ultimate Support GS-100 guitar stand is a great choice for long bass guitar owners. The reason being it provides an adjustable height that ranges up to 45.5 inches. It holds the guitar by the headstock, and you don’t need any assembly. You also don’t need to worry about losing any parts of this stand as it comes in one piece. Since you are placing the guitar’s body on a cushioned padding, the finish of the guitar won’t be affected.

Musician’s Gear Electric, Acoustic Guitar Stand

The Gear Electric, Acoustic, and Bass Guitar Stand would be an asset for guitar lovers who prefer a lightweight guitar stand. Weighing only 1.8 pounds this stand regardless has enough strength to hold most guitars. The black polish steel tubing is strong enough that it can accommodate most guitars. The soft rubber strap and the rubber non-slip feet keep things extra secure. It’s extremely portable with foldable tripod legs.

Musician’s Gear Triple Guitar Stand

If you own multiple guitars and are looking for an affordable and handy stand, Musician’s Gear Triple Guitar Stand might just be for you. One stand can accommodate 3 guitars, with its arms and yokes providing the extra soft padding that protects the finish of your electric or bass instruments. It has very good security firmly ensured by the locking straps on the yoke, so stable that the probability of your guitar falling is very slim.

Hercules GS432B A/G Tri Guitar Stand

From Hercules, this stand has three auto folding system grips providing great support and security, alongwith folding backrests. Capable of holding three guitars, it has a soft grip that protects the finish of your guitar. It has a height range of 35.6 to 44.5 inches, covering the height of most guitars in the market. It’s lightweight, weighing only 6.5 pounds and is good for both home and professional studios.

Top Stage Guitar Hanger

If some of the guitar hangers seem too expensive to you, check out Top Stage guitar hanger. It doesn’t compromise low cost with quality. It has a foam-like material that protects the finish of your instrument. The arm can be adjusted to accommodate guitars, basses, and ukuleles of all shapes and sizes. Is it Unfancy? Maybe. But it’s extremely functional and productive, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Fender 5 Guitar Multi-Stand

As the name suggests, this stand can accomodate 5 guitars with ease. It has a simple structure and can be easily folded. The tubes, made of steel, provides a lot of strength to the structure, thus ensuring the safety of heavy guitars. It only weighs 7.1 pounds, thus enabling you to carry it anywhere.

Mugig Wooden Guitar Stand

Looking for a guitar stand that is unique in its appearance but still pretty handy? Mugig Wooden guitar stand might just be for you. It has two Y shaped arms that are perpendicular to each other where you can place your guitar. This wonderful looking guitar stand is made from high-quality rosewood. It has an anti-slip padding that prevents your guitar from falling down.


It seems like a luxury at first, but a guitar stand can be really useful in the long run. It keeps your guitar safe and makes it easier for you to sort out specific guitar if you own a bunch. Choose a guitar stand that suits your musical routine and make your life a little easier!

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