PUBG Game – Best Online Multiplayer For Mobile Users?

If you want to download the PUBG APK and play the PUBG game on your device, then this article is the best for you. In this article, you will get the downloading link of PUBG APK. Along with the downloading link, you will learn a lot more about the game. You will learn about its features, gameplay, etc. With this, if you want to win the game, then you can also read the Tips for the PUBG game, which will help you to survive for a long time in the game. And increase the chances of getting Chicken Dinner with the Tips mentioned in the article. Therefore, keep reading this article completely, it is going to help you a lot.

PUBG game

PUBG is probably the most popular online multiplayer game. It is a battle royale game where 100 players parachute on one of four different islands. In the game, players have to kill other players while making themselves inside the safe zone and protecting themselves from being killed by others. The main objective of all players in the game is to become the last surviving player of the game. They can also make a team or squad to win the game. They move and search for weapons and resources like first aid, energy drinks, armor, helmet, backpack, bandages, etc.

You can find and search for different types of weapons that will help you to kill other players to win the game. The game includes different types of weapons like Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, DMRs, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Pistols, Grenades, Bows, Melee, etc. You will have to move into a large area in the game to collect them. And then kill other players while making yourself safe from other players. You can also get different vehicles in the game. Read the next section of the article to learn about the incredible features of the PUBG game.


PUBG is the most popular online battle royale game. And it is the incredible features of the game that make it more special. So let’s have a look at the features that make the PUBG one of the best online games in the world.


The game has engaging and interactive gameplay in which 100 players fight and struggle to survive on an Island. They have to collect resources and weapons to survive while protecting themselves from other players. The main objective is to become the last surviving player and win the game.


PUBG is especially known for its Graphics. You can enjoy the gameplay with amazing HD graphics that make the gaming experience realistic and more engaging.

pubg gameplay


Along with HD graphics, PUBG offers High-Quality Audio in the game. The audio and the Sound effects sound real and this makes the gaming experience more attractive and realistic.


PUBG allows users to play with friends. Not only with your local area friends but you can make friends worldwide. You can make a team or squad of 2-4 players in the game and make your journey together to get the chicken dinner.


One of the best parts of the game is that it offers a lot of options in the game. As you can select any game mode to play in PUBG. With this, you can also select the map to play. There are four different maps that have different sizes, dynamic weather, day/night cycles, and terrain, in the game. The maps are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.


A lot of different types of cool weapons are also included in the game. You can find them and collect them from different places in the game. Keep moving and collect weapons to kill other players in the game.


There is an Anti-cheat algorithm in PUBG that ensures fair gameplay. No one can use cheats to win the game. And the best part is there is no in-app purchase included that can give advantages in the game to that particular player.


The game is available worldwide. Any player from anywhere in the world can play the game and enjoy it with different players from different places in the world.

Download PUBG APK + OBB – Techylist


PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online game where 100 players participate in a game. To play the game smoothly, there are some requirements that you have to fulfill first. Have a look at the requirements for the PUBG game.

  • To play the game, an Active Internet Connection is the most important requirement that you must have.
  • If you want to play PUBG smoothly on your mobile, then you should have a mobile with Android 4.3 or above versions.
  • To experience smooth gameplay, you must have at least 2GB RAM in your mobile device.
  • And most importantly, a gaming spirit.

Tips For the Beginners

If you are playing the PUBG game for the first time or want to get some tips to win a PUBG game match, then the tips mentioned below can help you a lot. The provided tips can increase the chances of survival in the game for a long time. Probably you can also win the game. Therefore read them and follow them and go for your battle.

  • Wisely choose the area for landing.
  • Make Loot your priority, then focus on killing others.
  • Shoot others only when you are in the range.
  • Don’t put yourself in unnecessary gunfights.
  • Also, keep your eyes on the map. Make yourself lie inside the safe zone always.
  • Try to get a vehicle for you.
  • Hide and Peek.
  • Always be in touch with your teammates. Keep communicating with them.

Final Verdict

PUBG is one of the most played online multiplayer games. It has a huge user base with millions of players around the world. You can easily find a PUBG Player around you. But just downloading the game and playing it is not enough. You should know everything about the game before playing it. It is very important to perform better in the game. And you will get the information in this article. And the tips mentioned in the article will increase the chances of your winning. So, read the article completely.

8 Unique English Words that Will Make You Sound like A Genius

English is an important language – it commands its own benefits, plus points and opens access to a wide range of content and opportunities of widening one’s perspective. Every individual in today’s age knows the language as most schools now make it a priority to impart this language to broaden the prospects of every child. English also makes someone seem smart, especially when they are using difficult words, and no one would shy away from an opportunity of seeming smart in front of company. There is, of course, an image that is attached to the use of the language that often makes an English speaker akin to royalty. While this is not true, as each language has its own charm especially when it comes to the literature and arts, there is no harm in knowing English in its own finesse. In this context, if you are attempting to learn English from ilovetyping and want some fillers and starters for a party where you wish to impress with your grasp (pretended, or otherwise) on the language, here are some words that sound difficult and can impress any listener.


This word requires absolutely no efforts to remember, as it both sounds and looks funny, making it a fun word to use among friends and definitely if you wish to lighten the mood at the party. The best fact is that the word itself means ‘a silly person’, so there are no qualms for associating the look and sound of the word with its true meaning. It’s often used in a joking manner to refer to someone as an idiot, so keep it in mind that it doesn’t function as a true insult, in case you use it in that manner.


Kind of similar to ‘rowdy’, the term means something that is old and shabby, something that is definitely not in style or visibly seems to have taken no effort in presentation. It is a rather old word, so using it might seem like you have been indulging in classic literature, which is yet another plus point. It has a unique flair in it and not many people will use the term a lot, so there is a definite advantage in using the term. Do, however, maintain the context in which you use it as you do not want to be having a conversation that involves business topics and use this term where it hardly fits.


Here is a word that sounds absolutely insane – it is a very unique term and sounds in itself the meaning, i.e. confused. Flummoxed means to be puzzled or confused, so the next time you feel even slightly confused during a conversation, don’t hesitate to use this term liberally as people are left astounded for a moment, attempting to figure out what exactly the term means.


Another less frequently used word, the term in itself means ‘nonsense’ and forms a sense of disagreement with another person. Merriam-Webster declares that this word was used officially at least 100 years ago’ so, the next party starter conversation can be around the very word signifying nonsense and the conditions of origin.


The very center of a ‘Friends’ episode, the term has its own usage and means to trick or confuse on someone. Basically, when you ‘bamboozle’ someone, they end up ‘flummoxed’. Again, this word was used in official capacity 300 years before, so it will definitely be unique when used in conversation. If not anything, you could talk about the episode based on Joey’s ‘Bamboozle’ game and bond with your conversation partner on the beauty of ‘Friends’.


Now, this word can be a puzzler especially since it isn’t like other words and doesn’t signify the same meaning as it sounds (like flummoxed). This can be a special term both in the manner it is spelled and pronounced. In literal meaning, the term means a very thin dough that pastry chefs place put together in the process of forming flaky pastries. If there are party starters with a phyllo base, impress your company with your knowledge about this fact!


This is also a word that was more commonly used in older classics and literature pieces – this is visible from the spelling of the word as it seems very similar to the words used then. Research states that this word dates back to at least the 13th century, and is one of the few terms that seem to be in fairly common usage till today. The verb means to disturb someone’s efforts or provide a stumbling block and endeavor to create problems and prevent a plan from becoming successful.


Yet another unique word, Merriam-Webster places this term’s origins from Latin and Greek, with its first usage being from the early beginnings of the 14th century. Words that begin with the letter ‘z’ always have their own charm, possibly due to the fact that such words are severely lacking, so it is bound to gather interest quickly when used in conversation. In meaning, the word refers to strong interest or eagerness while in the pursuit of a goal or activity. Use this word with your bosses while describing your passions and impress them both with your vocabulary and the description of your work ethic.

Learning unique words in English comes to its true advantage when you’re attempting to learn the language – it complements your efforts to get a better grasp of the language as well as providing a fun challenge to remember the meanings and apt usage in conversation. The more unique a word is in its spelling or pronunciation, the better your chances are in remembering its meaning and usage once you’re able to grasp it completely. Word games could not get more interesting when using such words, seeking both to loosen the tongue and mind, as well as annoy your partners when you use such terms and win the game.…

11 Solar Powered Gadgets Inventions That Will Change The World

Solar powered gadgets are the future and there are some really innovative and useful gadgets we can incorporate and use in our daily lives. Solar energy is a clean energy resource and is an abundant and inexhaustible resource and it is in our best interest that we incorporate as much of solar powered gadgets we can. Here are some of the most astonishing solar powered gadgets that you would definitely want to own.

Wireless Solar Keyboard

If your workstation is near a window, this keyboard is for you. You need not worry about constantly changing batteries on your wireless keyboard, solar power is all that you will need and it’s good for the planet, you prevent the creation of e-waste from all the dead batteries.

Color Changing Solar Power Plant Pot

Everyone loves a good multipurpose object, these are flower pots which absorb solar energy during the day and light up at night, which can illuminate pathways or your garden at night. You can even place them strategically to illuminate your entire garden.

Solar Powered Fan

With the summer’s coming and the inevitable power cuts, solar powered fans are a blessing and might as well be a household essential.

Solar Water Heater

An essential especially during the winter, you won’t need to depend on electricity or worry about big electricity bills from all the heating of water you would have to do throughout the winter months.

Solar LED Lantern

Another essential if you experience frequent power cuts. You charge these lanterns during the day and you can use it for a good amount of time at night. Unlike traditional lanterns you don’t need to pay anything more in the form of electricity bills or battery replacements to use these lanterns.

Solar Powered Laptop Backpack

It’s impossible to separate ourselves from the social media world now, or even our work life, this laptop backpack will ensure that your laptop is charged even when there’s no charging plug or electricity available.

Solar Night Lamp

Solar night lamps can be a good addition to your bedrooms and to harness solar energy during the day and use as ambient light at night. You just need to place them near a window and it will work on its own. You do not have to turn it on and off, unlike the traditional night lamps, all without any additional investment once you have bought the lamp.

Solar Powered Patio Table

Another wonderful multipurpose device for your backyard, a patio table which doubles up as a charger, you can charge your devices while having a good time in your backyard, there is no need to use long cords and you can be completely hassle free.

Solar Powered Oven

A good addition for your next camping trip or even a picnic, you can make a lot of delicious food stuff using the solar powered oven, without having to carry fuel or other materials to cook your food. Food made in solar oven would be free of smoke and a healthier option to cook food outdoors.

Solar Plug Socket

A very convenient device to carry around, a socket which will help you charge your devices just while keeping it in sunlight, its an extremely handy device for when you are traveling or just can not seem to find a socket.

Solar Powered Tent

A cool new tent which can be a fun addition for your camping trip. Its well lit and you can even charge your electronic devices. You can have the best of both worlds, enjoy your time with nature and still be connected to the outside world.…

13 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life

In today’s fast paced life, being efficient and making smart moves is extremely important otherwise you risk being left behind or become overwhelmed with all that you have to do. Here are 13 ways you can make your life easier

Automate Bill Payments

Embracing the good aspects of modern technology can make your life easier by manifolds. The monthly electricity bill, water bill or anything you need to pay on a routine basis can be set up for automatic payment using your bank account or there are several apps and websites that can help you achieve the same. Saving you from the monthly hassle of remembering to pay all the bills and then taking out the time to sit down and pay each bill individually.

Set Schedules and Reminders

With more and more things happening, and the more cluttered our lives become, it’s not surprising if we forget things here and there, but with the use of digital calendars you can sit back and let the calendar keep in track of your schedule and the things you need to do, be it be some task, your shopping list, a meeting, someone’s birthday, put it all up on your digital calendar.

Declutter your Wardrobe

Decluttering your wardrobe is an extremely underrated but highly effective action, we underestimate the time and energy we spend on a daily basis picking outfits. Separate the outfits you haven’t worn in months and donate it to someone in need. Having a small wardrobe is easy to manage and less laundry to do. Be sure to have outfits which fit various occasions rather than multiple outfits for the same occasion.

Recalibrate your priorities

It’s important to sit down once in a while, reflect on how far you have come, what you are doing now and where you would like to be. Getting a perspective of things can be a good way to align your actions towards your goals and prioritise what needs to be done.

Learning the art of saying no

Each individual no matter where they come from has only 24 hours a day to themselves and one can not be expected to say yes to everything lest the said individual is bound to miss out on the important things in life. Learn to say no assertively and without guilt, it’s an important skill to have to avoid being overburdened with work which do not align with your priorities.

Adopt a monthly budget system

It’s never too early to manage your finances smartly. One of the wisest things to do is savings first and spendings later, what it essentially means is have a set amount of savings separated from your earnings every month and only the rest of the amount should be used for your expenses, people often do it the other way around and that’s why are seldom good at savings.

Focus on your mental health

While we might have a healthy exercise regimen, we seldom do anything about our mental health, which is equally important for our wellbeing if not more. Some of the things we can do to balance our mental health is some meditation, engaging in some soothing hobbies like gardening, even getting a pet can be quite therapeutic.

Regular Decluttering of living space

It’s important to clean up your living space at least once a week and deepclean once a month. Cluttered living space clutters up your mind too. It’s often the misplaced things which cause the clutter, try to cultivate the habit of designating a place for each article you own and make sure to keep them back right at that spot when you are done using them. Developing such a habit will decrease the decluttering you would have to do. Maintaining a schedule for cleaning up chores like mopping, dusting or cleaning the bathroom will ensure you do it on a regular basis.

Have a to-donate box

There must be all sorts of things around your house that you haven’t used in months maybe years, yet they sit there hogging up space, possibly contributing to the clutter. Having a box dedicated to store things which you will donate will serve as motivation to segregate the things you don’t need and give it away to someone in need. You can also have a box designated to store things which you can give away for recycling. Make sure to add dropping of the donation box to your schedule of chores once a month.

Having a morning and night routine

Humans are beings of routine, we work best when we know what to expect and what to do, beginning and ending your day with a fixed routine can give you a sense of power which can be quite soothing. Have a simple routine for the morning right after you wake up from bed and at night before you go to bed and follow it religiously.

Plan your meals

Planning your meals for the week will ensure you don’t indulge in binging or eating food which is not especially good for your health. Also it will help you in preparing the food in advance or getting the requisite ingredients.

Social Media Detox

The amount of time we spend on social media if one keeps track of it is appalling and it seldom brings any value to your life often contributing to negative feelings, its best to time the amount of time you spend on social media and limit it to a decent 1 or 2 hours. Also try to not let social media be the first and last thing you do in a day.

Maintain a journal

Keeping track of your daily activities and having a place to pour out all your thoughts and feelings can have wondrous effects on your well being. Journaling can be a helpful thing one can add to their night routine.…

Best Guitar Stand Reviews (Stands, Wall Mount Hangers)

Guitar stands these days have to be more than just a thing that you keep your guitars on. They must also look aesthetically appealing. You wanna walk into the room of your studio or home– where your instruments are kept– and be inspired to work on your music. There are different types of guitar stands and wall hangers that will help you achieve orderly and aesthetic placement of guitars. Let’s check out some of the best guitar stands that are available in the market.

Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand

Compact in appearance and capable of fitting in most standard size guitars and gig bags, Fender Mini acoustic guitar stand is one of the best choices for your guitar stand. It’s super portable as you can unfold it easily within seconds, and it ensures the security of your instrument as well. Whether it’s hollow body bass, solid body bass, or electrics, it can easily hold em all. It’s inexpensive, thus availing you to buy multiple stands for multiple guitars.

Hercules Stands Wallmount Guitar Hanger

It may be a little costly, but the high cost is compromised by the fact that it has maybe the most secure locking for any wall hangers out there for guitars. The great thing about this hanger is that along with the two-pronged fork, where the guitar’s headstock rests, it has two wing-like structure that opens and shuts when you take your guitar in and out. It’s aesthetically pleasing and can even accommodate guitars that have odd headstock shapes.

Ultimate Support GS-100 Guitar Stand

Ultimate Support GS-100 guitar stand is a great choice for long bass guitar owners. The reason being it provides an adjustable height that ranges up to 45.5 inches. It holds the guitar by the headstock, and you don’t need any assembly. You also don’t need to worry about losing any parts of this stand as it comes in one piece. Since you are placing the guitar’s body on a cushioned padding, the finish of the guitar won’t be affected.

Musician’s Gear Electric, Acoustic Guitar Stand

The Gear Electric, Acoustic, and Bass Guitar Stand would be an asset for guitar lovers who prefer a lightweight guitar stand. Weighing only 1.8 pounds this stand regardless has enough strength to hold most guitars. The black polish steel tubing is strong enough that it can accommodate most guitars. The soft rubber strap and the rubber non-slip feet keep things extra secure. It’s extremely portable with foldable tripod legs.

Musician’s Gear Triple Guitar Stand

If you own multiple guitars and are looking for an affordable and handy stand, Musician’s Gear Triple Guitar Stand might just be for you. One stand can accommodate 3 guitars, with its arms and yokes providing the extra soft padding that protects the finish of your electric or bass instruments. It has very good security firmly ensured by the locking straps on the yoke, so stable that the probability of your guitar falling is very slim.

Hercules GS432B A/G Tri Guitar Stand

From Hercules, this stand has three auto folding system grips providing great support and security, alongwith folding backrests. Capable of holding three guitars, it has a soft grip that protects the finish of your guitar. It has a height range of 35.6 to 44.5 inches, covering the height of most guitars in the market. It’s lightweight, weighing only 6.5 pounds and is good for both home and professional studios.

Top Stage Guitar Hanger

If some of the guitar hangers seem too expensive to you, check out Top Stage guitar hanger. It doesn’t compromise low cost with quality. It has a foam-like material that protects the finish of your instrument. The arm can be adjusted to accommodate guitars, basses, and ukuleles of all shapes and sizes. Is it Unfancy? Maybe. But it’s extremely functional and productive, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Fender 5 Guitar Multi-Stand

As the name suggests, this stand can accomodate 5 guitars with ease. It has a simple structure and can be easily folded. The tubes, made of steel, provides a lot of strength to the structure, thus ensuring the safety of heavy guitars. It only weighs 7.1 pounds, thus enabling you to carry it anywhere.

Mugig Wooden Guitar Stand

Looking for a guitar stand that is unique in its appearance but still pretty handy? Mugig Wooden guitar stand might just be for you. It has two Y shaped arms that are perpendicular to each other where you can place your guitar. This wonderful looking guitar stand is made from high-quality rosewood. It has an anti-slip padding that prevents your guitar from falling down.


It seems like a luxury at first, but a guitar stand can be really useful in the long run. It keeps your guitar safe and makes it easier for you to sort out specific guitar if you own a bunch. Choose a guitar stand that suits your musical routine and make your life a little easier!…