11 Solar Powered Gadgets Inventions That Will Change The World

Solar powered gadgets are the future and there are some really innovative and useful gadgets we can incorporate and use in our daily lives. Solar energy is a clean energy resource and is an abundant and inexhaustible resource and it is in our best interest that we incorporate as much of solar powered gadgets we can. Here are some of the most astonishing solar powered gadgets that you would definitely want to own.

Wireless Solar Keyboard

If your workstation is near a window, this keyboard is for you. You need not worry about constantly changing batteries on your wireless keyboard, solar power is all that you will need and it’s good for the planet, you prevent the creation of e-waste from all the dead batteries.

Color Changing Solar Power Plant Pot

Everyone loves a good multipurpose object, these are flower pots which absorb solar energy during the day and light up at night, which can illuminate pathways or your garden at night. You can even place them strategically to illuminate your entire garden.

Solar Powered Fan

With the summer’s coming and the inevitable power cuts, solar powered fans are a blessing and might as well be a household essential.

Solar Water Heater

An essential especially during the winter, you won’t need to depend on electricity or worry about big electricity bills from all the heating of water you would have to do throughout the winter months.

Solar LED Lantern

Another essential if you experience frequent power cuts. You charge these lanterns during the day and you can use it for a good amount of time at night. Unlike traditional lanterns you don’t need to pay anything more in the form of electricity bills or battery replacements to use these lanterns.

Solar Powered Laptop Backpack

It’s impossible to separate ourselves from the social media world now, or even our work life, this laptop backpack will ensure that your laptop is charged even when there’s no charging plug or electricity available.

Solar Night Lamp

Solar night lamps can be a good addition to your bedrooms and to harness solar energy during the day and use as ambient light at night. You just need to place them near a window and it will work on its own. You do not have to turn it on and off, unlike the traditional night lamps, all without any additional investment once you have bought the lamp.

Solar Powered Patio Table

Another wonderful multipurpose device for your backyard, a patio table which doubles up as a charger, you can charge your devices while having a good time in your backyard, there is no need to use long cords and you can be completely hassle free.

Solar Powered Oven

A good addition for your next camping trip or even a picnic, you can make a lot of delicious food stuff using the solar powered oven, without having to carry fuel or other materials to cook your food. Food made in solar oven would be free of smoke and a healthier option to cook food outdoors.

Solar Plug Socket

A very convenient device to carry around, a socket which will help you charge your devices just while keeping it in sunlight, its an extremely handy device for when you are traveling or just can not seem to find a socket.

Solar Powered Tent

A cool new tent which can be a fun addition for your camping trip. Its well lit and you can even charge your electronic devices. You can have the best of both worlds, enjoy your time with nature and still be connected to the outside world.

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